In a fast and busy world mediated through screens I aim to find a quieter, more physically intimate, spontaneous and low-impact relationship with my surroundings.  

I see materials and place as teachers, and am interested in small and quietly radical acts which become agents of change: the slow acts of writing by hand and making paint from local materials, rest and walking as radical acts, intimate relationships as agents of change.

I am interested in the seasonal, transient, and non-linear. I am unravelling, unlearning, undomesticating, unschooling; re-visiting the ordinary and the local, witnessing the threads that are left hanging. 

I wish, most of all, for my work to be a place of sanctuary, for me and for others ; a sanctuary that has reciprocity with all kin as the central principle.  I hope for this sanctuary to be a place where paradox needs no reconciliation, where paintings, questions and movements can remain unresolved, and where the ragged threads can be left hanging without the need to cut, analyse, or make them tidy.