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Louisa Chase is a British ecological artist from Lincolnshire. She lived in Aotearoa New Zealand for eighteen years and returned to the UK in 2022 and is based in Lincoln.


​​Working across practices including movement, massage, ceremony and ritual, nature immersion, writing, walking, photographic recording, hand making of natural paints, natural printmaking, and video, she explores how we can make more space to experience the oft-forgotten truth of our reciprocal relationship with all of life.


​Her work embraces tension and paradox: transience and certainty, movement and stillness, structure and fluidity, repulsion and rapture, doing and being, darkness and light.  It sits at the crossroads of psychology, geography, cultural history and personal experience.​


​ Louisa experiences the body-mind as a subtle receiver, a kind of antenna and fractal of the whole, picking up the visible and invisible, the tangible and intangible, capable of listening on the wild edges of awareness to all kin, and to the stories of place.


 She lives, works and creates in a seasonal and spontaneous way in response to this listening, and sees no separation between creative practice and life. 

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