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The Land Beneath my Feet: an exploration of local clay and belonging.

The subtle and beautiful colours of the clay exposed by a digger on a building site near my studio prompted me to investigate the possibility of making paint from it.

After disappearing into a wormhole of traditional paint-making videos on youtube, and cave art books from the library, I armed myself with a couple of buckets and a trowel one Monday morning and reverently gathered some of the land that is normally hidden from view.

Turning it into paint has been the ultimate play for me. It's a very physical and messy process - quite the opposite of walking into an art store and buying a tube of paint, and I love that about it.

It is a way of belonging to place that goes deeper than words can possibly describe. It is playful (mud pies anyone?), physical, sensual, and I am enjoying the imperfect spontaneous results and challenges of working with such a grounding and sacred natural material.

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Alexander Douglas Wright
Alexander Douglas Wright
Aug 09, 2021

Love it

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