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Over the years I have developed a particular interest in the capacity of movement to support expansion into new levels of awareness and creativity, and integration of change.

  Movement can help integrate non-verbal information that is held in the body, and tune our awareness with that of the web of life.   


In these sessions you will be supported to gently become aware of and slowly unravel the patterns of movement  unconsciously developed through societal, educational and familial conditioning, and uncover your own unique natural movement. 

You will be supported in an environment of radical tenderness* to disrupt and spill your Self, lose your balance and find it again, undomesticate your movement and creativity, and embrace and include it all.

Sessions do not follow any one method or technique.  They are individually tailored to your needs and are non-linear in nature (there are no steps or poses to learn - you will be working with your own unique way of moving).

If all this sounds a wee bit scary, be assured that my guiding principles are subtlety and gentleness, and a deep respect for the importance of titration.  You will move at your own pace, paying attention to your own capacity for integration and change.  Nothing is pushed, and we rely on the intelligence of the body and the flow of information between internal and external worlds to inform the path.
Practices shared can include techniques for co-regulating with another human and with more-than-human kin if you wish.

"The times are urgent: we must slow down" - Bayo Akomolafe.

*in using the term radical tenderness I refer to and acknowledge the work of Dani D'Emilia and the collective Gesturing towards Decolonial Futures.

I draw on four decades of movement, dance, bodywork and nature connection experience, including formal dance (ballet and modern), Authentic Movement, Open Floor Movement Practice, 5 Rhythms Dance, therapeutic movement, massage and bodywork, intuitive movement in outdoor environments, and study with indigenous teachers from around the world.  I also trained in counselling and psychotherapy for five years.


Sessions are suitable for all physical abilities and ranges of movement, although please note that the current studio space is up one flight of stairs. I am open to travelling to your location if necessary.

I offer a payment system based on level of income/privilege with the hope that these offerings  will be available to those who feel drawn to them.

Movement Sessions

One to One

One to one experiential sessions held in a warm, supportive, private studio space in uphill Lincoln.

One hour

Sliding scale £50 to £30

Movement Sessions for Small Groups

(by request)

Gather your friends and book a session or series

Small groups can be catered for at my home studio in uphill Lincoln. Ideal group size is 4


For groups larger than 6 please contact me to discuss

1.5 hours

Sliding scale £80 to £45 per group

Blocks of  3 or more sessions booked at the same time for your group receive 10% discount when paid in advance

To book or enquire email, call/txt 07 593 585 797 or complete the form

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